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Today, 9th May 2007, is Fumikyun's 8th Anniversary as Johnny's, yay! <3

Fumito, between you and I, it didn't start nicely.
I said you weren't goodlooking and had a weird face. +nods+ Sorry?

Anyway, I took the time to learn everyday more about you. and the fact you like streaping everywhere.

Fumikyun you deserve more than you have and I think you know it but... Mah, Kyun don't dare to do something stupid, ok? Goseki-sama would kick your ass really hard and +censored things+.

Please continue your hard work, sensei!

Maaah, happy anniversary! <3
Love Love, Aura

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Totsuka Shota's 8th Anniversary

Do you know you are the guy I kick the most in Johnny's? One day I like you and one day I hate you. What's wrong with you & me?

Mah, today is your 8th anniversary as Johnny's Jr. See? You managed to do it! <3

Hum, I don't know if you deserve it after all you have done during 2006 and even 2007. wtf with your blonde hair?! But... you are one of my boys and even if you can be a +insert name there+ I love you a lot.

Totsuka Shota, Happy 8th Anniversary!
May you continue on the way you are and please continue to jark in our soul <3


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Happy Birthday To Mao!

I'm late 1day,only1! but let's say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Baton Boy Tomita 'Tommy' Mao!
He's 18 since the 10th March.

Happy Birthday Mao-kun!

Don't mind the horrible pic. I don't have Mao's pic on my computer. *points sister*
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