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Omedetou Johnny's!

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» Community

je_omedetou is a dedicated community for JE fans to celebrate their favourite pretty boy's birthday or anniversary.


» Rules

Please read & follow all rules!

● No bashing/flaming any Johnny.
● No bashing/flaming any moderators or members.
Only one birthday/anniversary post per Johnny. This rule has been lifted, so that the amount of birthday/anniversary posts for any Johnny or group is unlimited. But please do not abuse this rule. If you already see 10+ posts for a certain Johnny boy, try not to add another one onto that. The last thing we want to do is spam friend pages.
● Keep all lengthy posts (i.e. graphics, pictures) under a cut, and all posts containing download links locked. Using cuts for small banners is entirely optional. (But PLEASE don't kill the layout.)
Including the proper tags in your post is optional, however, helpful. If you choose to include them, you must specify whether your post is a birthday or anniversary one and who it's for.
Tags: birthday, news, yamapi
Tags: anniversary, arashi, matsujun
Tags: anniversary, kanjani8
● Unlike most communities, cross-posting is permitted here (as long as you're being reasonable). And unlike most mods, I won't be a bitch about it. :)
Comment/Credit when asked to.
● The only requests that will be accepted are those for birthday/anniversary reminders or suggestions. PLEASE do not come here requesting mp3s or videos!

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» Credits & Links

Original coding by premade_ljs

Header by kwondaful // Additional graphics by chibimaruu

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