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*GASP* what?!?? no one put up a bday thing for Shoon here? fine, then i'll do it (^O^)

HAPPY [belated] BIRTHDAY TO YAMASHITA SHOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~


took this idea from puppeteer8's post at her blogspot ;D

it's funny to think that Yamashita Shoon was the entire reason i got addicted to Johnny's Entertainment. it's really weird actually, to remember that i bought an issue of Kindai because it had Yanagi Kotarou and Endou Yuuya in it, and ended up flipping randomly through every page of the magazine. on the backside of the index page, there it was, in big letters: Ya-Ya-yah Press. the first thing i noticed was, 'hey that guy's cute.' [pointing to Shoon of course] and then i thought, 'wait. i've seen that guy before somewhere...*goes to computer to search* ' and then i found Ya-Ya-yah and...well yea i think the rest is pretty obvious~ >] i think Shoon will always be my favorite JE boy, not only because he's the one who got me into it, but because i think to me he seems the most genuine of them all. i don't remember where, but i remember seeing someone somewhere write that Shoon isn't afraid to not smile for the camera when he doesn't feel like smiling [or something along those lines, i have a really bad memory XD]. Shoon is cute and so handsome and so brave and intelligent and.....oh god i could go on forever probably~ ;] but i remember how at first i just thought he was cute and stuff. but then when i saw him dance.....oh gosh. [i think i might have gotten distracted by Yabu a bit...okay a lot, especially when i saw him do Daite Senorita with Hikaru, but i can seriously say that Yabu is second only to Shoon] <333 what i love best about him is his ability to show his emotions [wait, i think that's what the person was trying to say that i failed to remember LOL]....and how he seems to take my breath away everytime i see him in a magazine, on a video, or wherever. [i think meeting him in person would kill me XDDDD or at least make me have a heartattack or something~ ;D] watching old Ya-Ya-yah videos makes me love him even more, for how cute and dorky he used to be back then~ but i also love the other side of him, the quiet, contemplative Shoon that has grown and matured into this talented 18-year-old. what with the singing, dancing, flips, and other stuff....i swear Shoon has definitely earned the title of Favorite Johnny's Entertainment Boy for me~ i think the only thing left in my brain is a big ♥ , so i'm gonna end this part here and just say that basically i agree with everything said at

(^___^) Happy 18th birthday Mayo!! ♥

P.S. sorry this post is so....biased? XD as you can see Shoon is my favorite JE boy ever so....feel free to ignore my rambling about how awesome he is ¦D
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