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[Bday] Tsukada Ryoichi

Happy Birthday to you Tsukada Ryoichi-kun.
You are the boy I admire the most in JE. Why? I don't really know... Maybe your smile? The fact you are always so genki? You always do your best even when you are sick like in January, you never stop.

I'm just a little bit sad, ok a lot, that you and A.B.C. don't have more spotlight. You said that you hope to perform your dance, talk and acrobatics so everybody in the world would know you... I think you are on the good way!

So you are 20, you are a man now! You have to act like an adult ... Please don't! XD Tsukachan is the most adorable hatashi baka of JE <3
Have a beautiful birthday with your all friends & family.

See you on January, 04th!
Love Love,


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